Ease of use, intuitive look and feel, rapid information entry and retrieval – these are all critical parts of a robust Information Technology system. The last remaining piece is strong, reliable, and knowledgeable customer support.

Pamet Software, LLC. takes great pride in our customer support organization. We have a range of experienced Law Enforcement and Fire Service professionals that understand the demands of the public safety profession. We also have a staff of experienced technical support personnel, backed by our engineering staff, that can provide a wide range of technical assistance in the complex world of Information Technology.

Support works closely with Engineering and Quality Assurance personnel to ensure the highest quality in all Pamet products.

Support is an integral part of the Pamet Public Safety Suite. Each of our customers is assigned a support representative that is responsible for keeping the site up to date with the latest releases, new technical information, and the latest in services available from Pamet.

Our customers provide the best testimony of our support success. We work closely with our Police & Fire User groups to continually improve our support activities.

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Support can be reached by calling 978-568-0045 or by using Pamet's online support ticket system. If you do not yet have a support ticket account, you may request one by filling in the form below, or just call us and we can set one up for you.




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