CADServer Computer-Aided Dispatch software meets the needs of Public Safety Agencies with speed, reliability, and logical flow. CADServer by Pamet is fully-integrated with Pamet’s PoliceServer and FireServer. Since its introduction as a Windows product fifteen years ago, CADServer has evolved into a full-featured software product that duplicates the performance and features of more expensive products but at a reasonable price. Both large and small agencies find that CADServer’s core capabilities and user-configurable settings provide dispatchers with the information they need rapidly, consistently, and completely during any given emergency.


FireServer is Pamet’s fully integrated Fire Records Management Product for large and small fire agencies. FireServer improves the operational capabilities of Fire Departments and their personnel. Our products minimize the duplication of effort while providing ready access to all important information from the system. Hazards, hydrants, structure information, past history, responding apparatus, and all other information is made immediately available for use in the field. Entered information is stored for rapid recall, organized for quick action, and thorough for informational and future reporting purposes.


PoliceServer is Pamet’s Records Management Software for Police Departments, Campus Security, and other policing agencies. PoliceServer is highly reliable, organized, easy to use, and responsive. It performs necessary functions with an elegance of design that is at once robust in performance, devoid of unnecessary distractions, and prioritized exclusively for first responding agencies. Tight integration with CAD means information flows freely and quickly between systems.


EMServer is where Pamet meets the needs of emergency medical technicians. It is the latest product to be added to our product suite and provides efficient and error free data collection, easy data transfer, and quick turn-around times in ambulance run reporting. EMServer makes it easy to enter ambulance patient data in a mobile environment, print a complete patient care report at the patient’s destination, submit data to state repositories, and export the appropriate data to ambulance billing companies. A series of quick interview questions with customizable default settings speed you through patient data entry, adding data collection screens and fields only when appropriate. Consistent with other Pamet products, EMServer is highly customizable. Ambulance services may add their own data fields, modify the possible choices within the national dataset, provide defaults for all fields, and write their own refusal forms and HIPAA notice. EMServer is HIPAA-compliant and NEMSIS Silver Certified.