Proven Technology

Pamet Software has been one of the consistent leaders in Public Safety technology for over twenty-five years. During this time, Pamet’s suite of public safety products has progressed together with the needs of our customers. Today, as information demands within Public Safety increase at an even more rapid rate, Pamet is helping its Public Safety customers keep up with these demands by delivering software that is amongst the most advanced available. We use the latest Microsoft technology and other advanced software to provide users the tools they need to manage data on a local, regional and national level. What sets Pamet apart from others is our ability to use technology to provide users with intuitive, logical screens and a well-balanced emphasis on data entry and information output. A hallmark of Pamet is our reputation for stability, product breadth, and consistent performance.

Trusted Name

Pamet is among the most experienced and trusted names in public safety software. Our ability to deliver on our commitments, our reputation for product reliability, our employee dedication to customer service, and our outstanding performance-to-cost ratio make us the preferred provider among informed agencies. Unlike other vendors, Pamet customers and prospects interact directly with the team that they continue to work with throughout their experience with the customer, from planning to installation to support. The trusted relationship built with our customers over many years gives us one of the best customer retention rates in the industry.

Outstanding Service

To its core, Pamet is a customer-oriented company. Pamet’s employees include both former and current public safety professionals who understand how public safety agencies operate. For agencies that become our customers, these Pamet employees become familiar with your agency, environment, and operating procedures. We believe in contact that is personal, direct, and local.